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Client satisfaction is our top priority, and we always work diligently to fulfil commitments, meet deadlines, and maintain open lines of communication with carriers


Striving for excellence means going above and beyond to deliver high-quality services consistently by providing accurate, timely, and reliable dispatch solutions


We optimize our processes and use technology to streamline operations, reduce delays, and maximize the utilization of available resources


We seek to adopt and leverage new technologies, software solutions, and best practices to enhance our services and overall performance by embracing innovation

About Us

At Vision Logistics, we are more than just a dispatching company – we are the architects of streamlined operations and the catalysts of enhanced efficiency. Our story began with a vision to revolutionize the way businesses manage their resources, communicate with their teams and serve their customers. Today, that vision is a reality as we stand as a trusted partner for companies seeking to navigate the intricate landscape of modern-day logistics and operations.

Vision Logistics offers the perfect dispatch services for owner-operators tired of expending time and effort on low-paying freight. If you’re a trucker, you’re familiar with the frustration. We’re here to seamlessly extend your company. Picture us as your dedicated ‘in-house’ dispatcher. You’re the one calling the shots as the boss on the road. With our wealth of experience, we expertly dispatch trucks for various types of freight. Our paramount focus revolves around consistently attending to our clients’ needs, ensuring we deploy every available resource within our control to meet their requirements

  •  Operating around the clock to uphold seamless communication for our clients
  •  Efficiently handling the entirety of documentation tasks
  •  Operating in alignment with the specific demands and preferences of our carriers
  •  Ensuring the consistent adherence to high-quality work standards

Our truck dispatchers are driven by their commission-based pay structure which boosts their dedication. This results in us securing more profitable loads on your behalf. We also efficiently handle tasks like paperwork, insurance certificates and invoices, lightening your load. For all dispatched trucks, we offer comprehensive IFTA reporting, removing complexity.

No need to handle driver payroll anymore – we’ve got it covered at no extra charge. We go even further by giving you driver performance reports, helping you make informed choices. If you value understanding your business’s performance, our premium profit monitoring features are a game-changer. These include AR management, settlement statements and other key reports that give you valuable insights into your operations.

Upgrade your dispatch service for a better experience

In the trucking industry, a skilled driver is essential and a capable dispatcher closely follows. Our dispatchers stand as our most valuable asset. They embody honesty, motivation and professionalism. Our team is consistently driven to secure the most favourable rates for you. Equipped with advanced rate negotiation skills and a deep understanding of freight market dynamics, they consistently strive for the highest rates achievable.

Our commitment to excellence is evident through our use of cutting-edge technology and data-driven insights. Our tools range from custom-built multi-threading computers to 4K screens and Live Load boards. Each component is intentionally chosen to serve a purpose: simplifying your life. Through these means, we endeavour to facilitate smoother operations and enhance your experience.


At Vision Logistics, our primary focus is on delivering outstanding services that are both of high quality and efficiency. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our clients are consistently satisfied and their happiness remains at the heart of our efforts.

Efficient Load Matching

Carefully connecting available trucks with the right loads to make the best use of resources to help carriers maximize their earnings

Skillful Rate Negotiation

Finding high-paying freight loads and consistently engaging in rate negotiations with brokers for the best possible rates

Route Optimization

Strategically planning efficient routes to expedite deliveries and boost cost-effectiveness, ultimately helping carriers save money

Effective Communication

Serving as a pivotal communication hub between carriers and brokers, facilitating seamless interactions for enhanced work efficiency

Streamlined Administration

Efficiently managing all paperwork, invoices and compliance matters with utmost precision on behalf of carriers

Advanced Technology Integration

Working on advanced software solutions and multiple load boards to improve efficiency and accuracy in finding the loads

Flexible Fee Plans

Delivering flexibility by presenting clients with different plans, allowing them to opt for the one that aligns perfectly with their needs

24/7 Support

Delivering continuous support to carriers, ensuring rapid issue resolution and addressing inquiries around the clock

Your Exclusive Truck Experience

We offer flexibility in our flat-rate fees understanding that your needs vary. With this awareness, we present three distinct plans to select from: Paperwork Only, Basic and Professional. Why pay another trucking dispatch service 10% or more for every load? In response, Truck Dispatch Services presents a comprehensive ‘one-stop shop’ for all your trucking dispatch requirements. Whether you prefer a ‘hands-on’ approach, necessitating the ‘paperwork only’ plan or prefer us to manage everything, our dispatching services can be tailored to align with your preferences. We comprehend the frustration that truckers encounter – being stranded at truck-stops, scouring load boards, engaging with brokers offering lower-paying freight, awaiting emails and incurring costs for copies and faxes. That era concludes today – “We’ve got you covered!”


Create your personalized plan by choosing the services you need. We'll create a custom quote to match your requirements. If you're an owner-operator or fleet owner seeking a truck dispatch service that ensures optimal loads across the United States and keeps your truck busy all year round, reach out to freightship without delay. Your journey to reliable operations starts now


Exclusive Paperwork Only Plan customized to your specific requirements



/week/truck* paid weekly


A professional Plan specially crafted for small companies to efficiently manage their dispatching needs



/week/truck* paid weekly


ultimate plan to optimize large companies' dispatch with tailored solutions for efficiency and resounding success



/week/truck* paid weekly

Compare Plan Features

Have a question? Call +1 (260) 687 2944 Basic Advanced Premium

Weekly: $195/truck/week

Monthly: $700/truck/month

Weekly: $245/truck/week

Monthly: $900/truck/month

Weekly: $295/truck/week

Monthly: $1100/truck/month

No Forced Dispatch
Payload & FSC = 100% Yours
Top Paying Rate Negotiation
Setup Paperwork
Fax/Email Documents
Credit Checks
Dedicated Dispatcher
Driver Direction Assistance
Request Quick Pay
Request Fuel Advances
24/7 Dispatch Support
Request Insurance Certificates
Driver Directions Assistance
Setup / Collection Assistance
Uncertain Charges Assistance
Unused Truck Order Assistance

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Are you a truck owner seeking to step into a more prosperous future? Look no further. At Vision Logistics, we're here to guide you on that path. If you have a truck and are prepared to take the leap towards a more profitable journey, our doors are open to you. Connect with us and let's navigate this road together. With Vision Logistics, your success is our priority


We make a deliberate effort to collaborate with a wide range of road vehicles, but our specialization lies in semi-trucks and box trucks. Here is a selection of some of the trucks we frequently dispatch

  • All
  • Semi
  • Box
  • Hotshot

Power Only

semi truck

Dry Van

semi truck


semi truck

Flat Bed

semi truck

Step Deck

semi truck


box truck

Reefer Box

box truck

Hot Shot

hotshot truck

Sprinter Van


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Selecting Vision Logistics as your dispatching partner offers numerous benefits. With our vast industry experience, we comprehend the intricacies of dispatch operations and provide customized solutions tailored to your requirements. Our technology-driven methods ensure efficiency, from improving load assignments to managing paperwork. We prioritize your success by offering continuous support, rapid issue resolution and smooth communication. Our adept negotiation secures high-paying loads, boosting your earnings. With a focus on client satisfaction, flexible plans and support for carriers, Vision Logistics is your reliable companion for achieving effective, profitable and smooth dispatch operations.

  • Starting with our dispatch services is easy. Contact us through our website or customer support to begin. We'll discuss your needs and help you choose the right plan. Once you've decided, we'll set everything up for a smooth transition. We'll also guide you through the basic documents we need to get started. It's a simple process to enhance your trucking operations with our services.

  • We work with a diverse range of trucks and handle various types of loads. Our expertise spans across semi-trucks, box trucks, flatbeds, refrigerated trucks and more. We're equipped to manage different load types, including dry goods, perishables, bulk materials and specialized cargo. Whether you're transporting goods locally or across the country, our dispatch services are adaptable to your specific trucking needs

  • Yes, we do assist in finding backhauls or return loads for your trucking operations. Our team is dedicated to optimizing your routes and load assignments, including securing profitable return trips after your initial deliveries. This helps maximize your efficiency and revenue by minimizing empty miles and downtime. We work to ensure that your trucks are consistently loaded and on the move, contributing to your overall success in the trucking industry.

  • We focus on creating a dispatch plan that fits what you need the most. We begin by learning about your preferences, like the types of loads you like and how you work. Then, we work closely with you to make a plan that's good for you. This plan helps you with things like choosing loads, finding the best routes, and talking with others. It doesn't matter if you drive on your own or with a group of trucks. We want to make a plan that matches what you want and helps your trucking business work better.

  • We provide comprehensive support for any issues or emergencies that may arise. Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to assist you. If you encounter any challenges during your operations, such as unexpected delays, route changes or communication problems, we're here to help. You can reach out to us at any time for swift issue resolution and guidance. Our priority is to keep your trucking business running smoothly, even in challenging situations. Your success is our success and we're committed to providing the support you need to overcome any obstacles and continue operating efficiently.

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